Lois is an incredible coach. I’ve never had a trainer so sensitive to my personal needs. She has a human approach to training- most trainers just want to get their client progress pics and stats to make themselves look good, but Lois is different. She truly cares about her clients and she wants us to be happy and healthy. Not only am I stronger physically than I’ve ever been, she supports me emotionally - every session with her is like therapy, too! Before I started training with Lois I was absolutely terrified to set foot in the weights section in the gym, now I walk in proudly and smash PBs every week. If you’re in two minds about training with Lois, just do it - you’ll never regret it!

Hannah Chalkley

When it comes to PTs there are so many out there that talk a good game but Lois is the real deal. Before I had Lois as my online coach I felt a bit lost, was struggling for motivation and ideas. Now it’s over 6 months and I’ve been seeing consistent results for this whole period! A tailored program for you that she changes up so you will never get bored. She’s worth every penny.

Heather Godden

Lois has an unreal way of pushing you harder than you’ve ever pushed yourself before but makes you absolutely LOVE doing it. She has helped me in ways I couldn’t have imagined a PT could help me. She’s improved my body ten fold as well as my mindset towards food, exercise and mental wellbeing. She’s also become a fierce friend I find myself texting non stop for encouragement and advice. In a short time I have made such amazing improvements and I couldn’t have done it without her.


Jessica Groves

Lois has taught me to embrace the weights section of the gym. I have learned so much about nutrition from Lois, which has been instrumental in me achieving my weight loss goals. I also understand the importance of “non scale victories” and not to focus solely on the scale. The support Lois gave me after I’d had major surgery was something I’ll never forget. Lois is the ultimate professional, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to get fit. You won’t regret it!

Jasmine Legair

I’ve been training with Lois for nearly two years. She’s done more than just help me get strong, she’s completely changed the way I look at food and ‘diets’. For years I was stuck in a rut of yo-yo dieting and then bingeing, gaining the weight back and more. This all stopped with Lois and I no longer focus as much on the scales but on progress pictures and how I feel in myself. She’s more than just a PT, she’s a friend and has helped me through a lot. Always there to kick me up the bum when it’s needed and get me back on track!

Holly Avis 

Lois has changed my life in more that one way, she hasn’t just motivated me to workout harder and train more effectively, she has helped me develop a healthy relationship with food and encouraged me to seek a sustainable lifestyle which incorporates savage training that makes me feel like a BOSS. She is always there to lend her support and give amazing guidance and I’m so thankful everyday to have her as my PT and coach.

Eloise Boye

Lois is honestly the best online PT. She checks in on you so regularly that you never feel alone Lois will support you through the entire journey. She’s made me an incredible home workout plan that’s actually made me excited to complete it. I’ve even managed to hit PBs in the first couple of weeks and all the goals I’ve set with Lois have been realistic and achievable, keeping me super motivated - can’t wait to continue working with her!

Charlotte Bird

Lois is the kind of PT that is exactly the right amount of supportive, encouraging and enthusiastic to get the absolute best out of you in effort and drive...even when you think that last push up is going to kill you, she helps you to smash it. Having Lois as my personal trainer has changed me from someone afraid of the weight section to someone who will walk into that section with my head held high. She has honestly changed my life in terms of my training, my nutrition and by making it part of lifestyle rather than being yo-yo dieter.

Gina O'Reilly


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